Meet the Horses


Height: 17hh (172.72cm)

Age: 23 years young

Breed: Irish Draught

Colour: Black with a blaze and no leg markings (very curly mane!)

History: Known (formerly Unknown) was one of the top cavalry horses before being retired and rehomed to one of our trustees, Mr Philip Meitner who has kindly loaned us him since 2011. He is a gentle giant and is very safe and brave. He is also an amazing bed for when you just want to relax and escape from the outside world.

Likes: A cup of tea (on the odd occasion a Guinness), kisses, food, playing with Cookie, food, being groomed, being warm, food, his stable, hay, cuddles and FOOD!

Dislikes: Being left out, when others have food and he doesn’t, going out on his own, others getting food before him, deer and NOT HAVING ANY FOOD!

Meet the Horses