Meet the Horses


Height: 16.3hh (170.18cm)

Age: 15 years old

Breed: Thoroughbred

Colour: Black with no white markings

History: Harapour was a proven racehorse with a fairly decent record, having been ridden by Ruby Walsh a number of times. He was given to us in 2011 as his racing career was over and his nature is unbelievable. Although Joannes Grand-daughter (3 years old) has claimed HP as hers, she has kindly aggreed to allow other children groom and ride him. He is the most beautifully sweetest horse and has the looks to match!

Likes: Mr. Pickle, having scratches and being cuddled, making faces once your backs turned, sharing things and being sung to.

Dislikes: Being apart from Mr Pickle, when people don’t give him attention and people laughing at his funny walk.

Meet the Horses