Meet the Horses


Height: 15hh (152.4cm)

Age: 19 years old

Breed: Welsh Cob

Colour: Black with white speckles, a white blaze and 4 white socks.

History: Harry hooves first came to EquATA on loan for the summer to help the others during the busy period. His owner Alexis, is a great advocate of our aims here and allowed us the pleasure of giving him a home here every summer after he seemed to fit in here like a glove!

Likes: He takes after his older, bigger look alike Known and loves his food. He also loves a good belly scratch and leg itch. He will kindly repay the compliment and give you a good nuzzles whilst itching.

Dislikes: He is quite an easy going fellow with regards to dislikes and so far, the only thing he is slightly slower at accepting is the trampoline, I don’t think he can quite grasp why there is a big blue and black thing in the arena as much as some of the children can’t quite grasp why there is a horse in their sand pit!

Meet the Horses