Meet the Horses


Height: 11.2hh (116.84cm)

Age: 20 years young

Breed: New Forest

Colour: Bay with a Star and no leg markings

History: Fluffy came to us in 2009 when we first started. Originally Fluffy was a hunt pony and enjoyed cantering around the countryside with the BIG horses. He then developed a condition called laminitis which limits the amount of food he can have and as well as arthritis in his back, his owners struggled to find the ideal conditions to keep him and asked us if we could have him. Although Fluffy can not be ridden, he is invaluable for people who are a little nervous or who just enjoy the ground based sensory. He is a true ledgand of a pony who thinks hes bigger than known!

Likes: Keeping Known company around the wood and being the ‘brave’ one! Showing off his tricks, showing people their true feelings and having cuddles. Eating in the garden and escaping with Branston!

Dislikes: Not being able to see over the stable doors, staying in areas that he is meant to!!

Meet the Horses