Equine Assisted Learning

Equine assisted learning is an experiential way for people to learn about themselves and how they react to different every day situations. Our sessions are tailored to the individual, tasks are set using the horses to create situations people can learn from.

By participating in equine assisted learning, you are subconsciously putting yourself through these situations with the horses (who are extremely important as they pick up on emotions that we don’t even notice) you bring these specific issues to the surface, allowing you to understand and face the individual bricks that may be in that wall that you have come to in your life. Due to this diverse therapy, we have helped people with a wide range of issues such as family relationships, self harming, mutism, ADHD, self confidence and many more.

Equine assisted learning may not be for everybody but it is a unique way for people to learn about themselves away from the stereotypical office type talking therapy. It is a fun, non invasive, non judgemental and non pressurised way to gain experience from the horse. All of the session is ground based.