EquATA Horse Assisted Therapy

EquATA horse assisted therapy:

  • assists with the treatment of behavioural disorders
  • promotes self-esteem, independence and self confidence
  • improves observation skills, co-ordination and communication
  • encourages nurturing traits and so helps reduce anti-social behaviour
  • promotes a sense of responsibility and empathy with others, encouraging team-work
  • combats loneliness and encourages social integration
  • reduces stress and encourages mobility
  • promotes a healthy wellbeing through self expression

At EquATA, our aim is to provide a safe place within beautiful surroundings for people to learn every day life skills they can then use in the outside the world. We do this in a number of ways:

  • for those on the autistic spectrum, we use a method called Horsing Around,
  • for those with diverse issues, we use a ground based therapy, Equine Assisted Learning