Meet the Horses


Height: 12.2hh (127cm)

Age: 22 yrs old

Breed: Welsh B

Colour: Chestnut with 2 socks.

History: Dillon (formaly Dani) has been a great pony for alot of children. His job was to introduce and look after children whilst they learnt to ride and take care of ponies. He has now retired to EquATA to be groomed and loved and communicate with us in a different way. Having only been with Jo and Ellie for a short time, he has adapted amazingly to the way of life here and we look forward to caring for him and learning his lessons for a long time to come.

Likes: Food; being with his friend fluffy; getting brushed; going for walks.

Dislikes: Not having his food with the others, generally quite a laid back character but we shall learn more about him very shortly I’m sure.

Meet the Horses