Meet the Horses


Height: 15hh (152.4cm)

Age: 15 years

Breed: Quarter Horse

Colour: Bay with three white socks and a Star

History: Bugsy has been with Jo and Ellie since he was 6 months old and has competed with Ellie in all sorts of disciplines from Western to Dressage. He is Ellie’s baby and has had her heart since she was 8. He is now retired into gentle walks around the wood and providing sensory relief for many.

Likes: Food, showing off his teeth with a big smile, showing off in general, going into the house and stealing any food that may be lying around, being boss of all the horses and keeping them in order.

Dislikes: Being last, other horses taking the attention away from him, not getting what he wants, having to get up when he’s having a nap.

Meet the Horses